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You feeling luck punk?

Dec 28, 2009, 7:24 AM 0

During the holidays, i needed some extra cash.  So i found a job that contains tow of my passions, chess and high octane excitment, chess tournament security.  My first assisgnment was to work the Los Angeles Open.  My training partner was a guy named, Alonzo Haris.  He had aboout seventy years in the game.  As we cruzed the mean streets together, he tricked me into smoking weed laced with angel dust , kill a drug dealer, and offered a bribe to cover it up.   My gut was telling me not to trust this guy.  At the open, he had a group of unrated players try to kill me in a bathroom.  Luckily, i had saved one of the gangbangers cousin from being raped ealier in the day.  in the end I confront him and all hell breaks loose.  With my head held held high, i walk out of the tournament with enough evidence toget this guy off the streets.  You know this would make a great movie.  Oh crap!!  This is a movie.  I thought it sounded way to cool.  I'll tell you what really  happened in my next blog.

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