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Postmortem #1: B36 Sicilian: Accelerated Dragon

Postmortem #1: B36 Sicilian: Accelerated Dragon

Mar 16, 2016, 2:59 PM 0
I am getting serious about chess. I recently started blogging on my personal site and I posted my review of this game there first. However, I have also decided to share my thoughts here on some of my games. This first game I am playing a 45/45 (45 minutes per side with 45 sec increment) game in an online team league event. I am white.
Analyzing games is a skill on itself. However, as I review more games I hope to both improve my chess and my commentary/analysis skills. I hope the community at chess.com can share in this pursuit with me!
I hope you enjoyed this interesting game with material imbalances (an exchange for 2 pawns then later 2 rooks for queen and pawns) and a neat save on my part at the end.
I plan on continuing these game reviews. Stay tuned for postmortem #2.

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