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LVCA's Remarkable Performance at PA State Scholastic Championship

LVCA's Remarkable Performance at PA State Scholastic Championship

Apr 4, 2017, 4:24 PM 0

The 2017 Pennsylvania State Scholastic Championship turned out to be a great event. The tournament, taking place in Lancaster, PA, attracted many players from the state. Every year this scholastic is run, courtesy of the Pennsylvania State Chess Federation who hosts this great event. It was a well organized 3-day tournament with national and local tournament directors overseeing it. One of the main highlights of this event featured Lehigh Valley Chess Association, serving mostly eastern PA and dedicated to promoting chess, a constructive and engaging activity, to the youth. Members of LVCA performed well enough to win 4 out of 8 divisions. This is a remarkable performance in chess, not only showing individual talent, but teamwork and effort by all club members. Four first place PA State Divisional Players that won are Gracy Prasanna (K-6 Open), Anish Pallod (K-9 U1000), Sriman Goli (K-3 Open), and Nicholas Malyszko (7-12 U1000).


The club has existed for over 9 years with 1240+ events. The wins in 4 divisions doubling previous years’ results in these categories is due to the dedication and hard work of the players and explains why they are showing improved results. The director of Lehigh Valley Chess Bruce Davis Sr., is a long time supporter of scholastic events, locally. The club has hosted many of their own events which sponsored scholastic and other monetary, chess related prizes to incentivize young players to play more chess. Just this year, Lehigh Valley Chess offered $1000 in January, to competing players in scholarship prizes. Chess books, chess clocks, and chess sets were given as prizes for participating. Lehigh Valley Chess has access to low cost memberships with Chesskid and the US Chess Federation. Chesskid is a kidsafe version of Chess.com, administered by the club with over 172 kids signed up. A 3rd grader from Lehigh Valley Chess, that won in his division (K-9 U1000), beat a 9th grader in this cute miniature, winning in classical romantic opening style.



Lehigh Valley Chess has a robust kids program that has contributed to the results it’s players have achieved. Lehigh Valley Chess will continue to support and encourage these programs and future scholastic events. A future goal is to make many of these kids masters and adopt new people. Next year at the state championship they will try again to build support to attend in larger number at PA States and Nationals with a complement of a player to win a national title.

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