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Trek of the Toucan #3: Crashing Back Down to Earth

Trek of the Toucan #3: Crashing Back Down to Earth

Jan 23, 2018, 12:38 PM 6

It had to happen, didn't it? Yes, my bubbly self that you caught a glimpse of in the previous instalment of the series is long gone. He has been replaced by a slightly less enthusiastic (but equally naive) traveller on his long, long winding road to chess success. This version of me tends to experience unnervingly frequent periods of Tactics Trainer blindness, plays less games than he is meant to, and just has less enthusiasm overall. This version of me is a poor student who needs to buck his ideas up:


 One word: frustration!

Okay, enough of the third person. Being totally honest, this has not been a great fortnight. Sure, I won a team game (more of that later) and managed to push my tactics rating up by 150 points and these are positives but the manner in which I achieved them is slightly less positive.null

Let's take a closer look.


 Okay, let's get this over with: this fortnight was MESSY in terms of tactics. I added 141 points to my rating but did it in such a bad way that I feel like I don't deserve it. In fact, I only recorded the results of 4 sessions. They aren't of much importance now but I'll leave them here anyway:

Mixed Tactics:

33/40 or 82.5%

Themed Tactics:

Over the last two weeks, I have focused on Skewers. 

36/40 or 90%


I played one game online this week, which I won. 

Over the board, I won a game for my team. This is probably the most exciting OTB game I have played to date, with missed chances for both sides. I was hesitant to include this game but I though it would be entertaining for you guys wink.png


I am still reading Logical Chess. Previously, I just answered questions on key parts of the game at the end. However, I may look into annotating every (or just some) moves and comparing them to the author's notes.

All of the game collection books arrived and I decided to start with The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It starts with 40 Combinations. I have completed 10 of these but I will now move onto the actual games and finish the combinations when I have time. 


Besides analysing the games from Logical Chess, I looked over the game I just annotated with my coach. We both agreed that it was a back-and-forth game that I played quite well in in parts but made several mistakes in, too.

Looking ahead, I have a team game on Thursday 25th January. I hope I can continue my good (?) team form. 

I hope that this hasn't been too depressing to read and I also hope that I can come back in a fortnight with better results and a positive atitude. I will now leave you with a simple puzzle from The Sorcerer's Apprentice:


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