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That Awful Moment Before Defeat
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That Awful Moment Before Defeat

Dec 18, 2017, 3:37 PM 0

Very often for me and for you, you have that ah ha moment when you realize you are losing against the opposing team.You are playing along placing moves and attempting at forming some sort of strategy to take down the enemy. As your opponent places a few moves, you see this crazy plot unraveling trapping your king into his spot.

As I have progressed slowly, I realize that the best way to oppose this is by getting your king into a spot that can let him escape with ease even in the most dire situations. An example of this case is by circling him with pawns near the beginning of the game. I also from experience do not recommend closing off your King in a castle and open up the rest of  your team as that allows the other side to get an easy checkmate with a queen, rook, or bishop without you noticing in the slightest.


There are many tactics to avoid such a crisis and you can find out more about such methods wit Lessons at Chess.com


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