Chess Stream TONIGHT at 10pm ET/7pm PT

Chess Stream TONIGHT at 10pm ET/7pm PT

Mar 16, 2018, 8:49 AM |

Hello everyone!

I have recently resumed my regular Twitch streaming of's many variants, mini-games, and normal chess/chess-related features.

I need your help with further developing and improving my Chess Streaming:

  • Improvement - I want to get my rating up to 1600 and want to improve my overall play style and ability;
  • Consistency - I need help thinking of a good title/some segment names.
  • Improvements to my twitch equipment such as new green-screen; new/better microphone; 4K streaming; Updates to my streaming setup, eventual move into an office.

Below are a few of my first Chess streams back on Twitch. In the future, I hope to be able to establish a more regular schedule for posting these recaps within hours of each show in individual posts. I'll also eventually move these to my YouTube channel and embed those instead.

I'll be live tonight at 10pm ET/7pm PT until 12:15am ET/9:15pm PT on and on

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