Chess Streams This Week

Chess Streams This Week

Nov 29, 2017, 8:48 PM |

As some of you probably already know, recently announced its "Chess Streamer Partnership Program" with Twitch.

This program is a great opportunity for small streamers (like me and many of you) to show off your chess strategy, experience/inexperience (if you're me, that is ), as well as showcase your streaming style.

I have partaken in this program, and extremely enjoy it. I stream weekly, and you should too! Find out how to join the Chess, Twitch Partnership program.

Unfortunately, a sad announcement comes: any and all streams scheduled for the remainder of this week (the week of November 26) have been cancelled. It's simply due to a family emergency that has popped up that needs my undivided attention. 

Additionally, I am going to switch my account over to "Vacation" mode while I am out the next 2 - 3 days. I should be around a bit, but it will be in various limited capacities.

Look forward to some content next week, however. For those of you new to my content, and interested, feel free to check out a clip below of the amazing one and only Daniel Rensch and I being annihilated in four player chess teams mode.



For information (schedule, alerts, and suprises ), please join the ChessKingT's Castle, the official location of all news related to streaming and schedules!

Until next time, see you all around on!