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It may sound crazy but it seems that one of my active online game has been disappeared from my active/ongoing list of games two days ago. It is also note showing up in finished game log.

Game is like this- pawn is the center of all activities in last few moves. My a and b pawn has clear path to move forward. My opponent's last move was that he captured pawn in question with bishop and gave me check. My last move was, i captured his bishop with my bishop. We both have our queen and rook around this position.

Any thoughts how to look for it?


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    the same thing happened to me once, the circumstances that may have contributed were that the game was won on 'time' and my opponent had not moved for well over 6 weeks. whether the delay led to the disappearance of the game from archives i'm not sure, but that's the only time it's happened. no trace Surprised

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    Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately if you're not seeing it in your archive it may have gotten accidentally buried. Do you have a link to the game either from your browsing history, or from an email notification you received? If you do I can get the game restored for you :)

    Best Regards,

    Jaclyn Member Support 

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