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Family get together
White looks good best I can tell

Family get together

Jan 1, 2018, 3:29 PM 0

We had a large get together with my wife's family between Christmas and New Years in mid Missouri. It is a small church camp and it was very cold. We had no agenda. I am just starting in chess and brought an inexpensive chess set. This is at least the 3rd time we have met at this location and I do not think we have ever played chess, although board games are common. One of my nephews who would by gung ho to play was not there and I was hoping at least to get a few games in and maybe use the board as I read a chess tactic book. However people took to this like that was the greatest thing since pizza. I cannot count how many games I played and I was not the one to play the most. My 2nd son probably played the most games and showed some natural ability. Over a 3 day period I probably played at least 3-5 games a day and also was able to impart what meager knowledge I have to some players with even less experience or knowledge. I was shocked that chess could stand up to the iphone dumb time wasting games of the younger generation. 

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