Books? Movies? Music

Dec 17, 2009, 4:18 PM |

I feel that since I've done this cross continental switch, that I've missed out on so much literally, cinematically and MUSICALLY.  Usually I'm up to par with what's going on in various scenes but I've had my nose in my textbooks (and on my computer screen) for the past 4 months now.  My IPOD seems like it's on perpetual repeat and it's NOT a good thing.  I need some tunage to chess it up to and a good book or two to read to fulfill the little free time that I've got (and ween myself off this laptop)...

So, if you have any good movies or books or MUSIC to recommend please leave a comment or an email or a note or a carrier pigeon.  Something!

Indie flix and Bollywood films are my favs but I am down with anything,. Same with the music.  Indie girl all the way but have a versatile collection. 

Thx for your help in advance.