Jan 9, 2010, 8:11 PM |

I opened my inbox today and realized i had 21 alerts from groups. I didn't realize that I am a member of 14 different groups.  I love the commradie but realistically can't handle being involved in 14 different groups.  Therefore, I have had to downsize.  Please don't take it personally if you're an admin to a group and you see me around.  It's just that ideally, I'd like to be an active member to a handful of groups at most and in order to become the better player instead of the weakest link I really need to focus so I can participate in tournaments.  There was one tournament in particular that I wished that I couldve participated in but couldn't---not because i was on both teams (which I was) but because I know that I'm not ready for tournaments or vote chess or any of that YET and would hate to bring a team down because I'm the underdog.

With that I'd like to say goodnight.