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Endurance=improvement (just like long distance running)

Oct 20, 2009, 2:10 AM 4

I am starting to realize that I am not ever going to be a sprinter.  I am just not built for it.  I do however, find happiness in going a few miles with my ipod on and some excellent tunage.  I think for me, chess may be the same way.  I think that I am not ready for shorter games.  My mind is just not structured for the intensity and fast pace that is needed for success in games shorter than 10 minutes.  However, I noticed that with time (and a patient opponent) I can think things through and make some decent decisions.  I've noticed that this morning when I played my first game.  I don't know how to post it  though :( .  I think I did ok in this game.  We came to the conclusion that a draw would be best.  It was fun for sure.  Hopefully, I'll have more experiences like this one in the future.


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