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First game EVER vs an NM

Jan 15, 2010, 4:30 PM 0
I had the delight of playing an NM the other night. This was a remarkable learning experience for me.  Thanks Zug for the opp. and letting me post it. 
 Above is the game.
Veggie (aka. the Blunder Queen ;)
Also, here is what I've been listening to:

Loved trackBlack Rebel Motorcycle ClubHowl  
Play The BraveryUnconditional Loved track  

Play KasabianButcher Blues

Play 22-20sFriends

Play The PaddingtonsStop Breathing

The VinesCountry Yard

Dirty Pretty ThingsBest Face

Play The VinesDon't Listen To The Radio

Play The LibertinesTreason

Play Nada SurfTreehouse

The MaccabeesWall Of Arms

Play RazorlightYou And The Rest

Play EditorsYou Are Fading

Play The KooksOoh La

Play Snow PatrolOpen Your Eyes

Play The KillersThe World We Live In

Play RazorlightHostage Of Love

Play The StrokesWhen It Started Loved track

Play InterpolPrecipitate

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