Aug 6, 2009, 8:30 AM |

Totally off topic for today:

I'm totally flabbergasted by something that shouldn't even be a big deal but for some reason it's totally messed with my day...


I haven't had a chance to really get online.  We know this.  My internet connection is sub-par to say the least until Monday.  We know this as well.  SOOO I've managed to get online a few times this week---I've had a few challenges and chats to catch up with.  There was one person in particular that I'd received correspondence from and was hoping for a spectacular game.  So, I log onto the site the day after I'd received an email from said person  (I had intended to reply to said email--I hadn't because my connection was wonky )only to find an error message in the place of the nice little text box. ????

SO, I went to my manage friends link to look up "said person" only to find that they no longer exist.  On my friends list.  On the website.  Their blog has been deleted.  All matches that I've had against this person has been deleted.  It's not quite like someone has died but rather never existed at all.  Soooooo....i guess this is what happens when someone deletes their account, huh?  OR maybe there is a glitch in the system?  Nevertheless, I think it's ridiculous how much of a connection you can have with someone that you've never met and then feel like your dog died when you hear from them after a while.  So, reasoning leads me to believe that I am ridiculous.  lol.

This has made me have to think a little, people!

With that being said, I ask you this:  "Virtual friendships" vs. "Live Friendships"---has our generation and those to come lost it's communication skills or does the comfort and confidence of being behind a screen enhance communication skills ( ie extinction of that phase in relationships where girls pretend they don't fart and guys pretend that they really do like you lacquered in Maybelline <or M.A.C. depending upon the preference>).

AND if someone's existance is no longer on, then shouldn't said parition's opponents' ratings go up or at least any losses during those matches nullified?

Okay I think I"m going on a tangent and I've totally forgot what point I was making here. 

Therefore, I shall call it a night.