House of Staunton v. Jimmy Choo

Nov 19, 2009, 11:22 AM |

I need a new chess board.  After doing my chessercisezes (strange word) I've seen that I am due for an upgrade.  Well, really a downgrade as the set that I've got is glass and nice but I think that I would prefer something a little less fragile.

Shopping for chess sets is like shopping for shoes.  Sure, you KNOW that you are buying it to serve a purpose.  But, then you get caught up in the beauty of the artwork of it  all.  Each set that I look at is as appealing as the last.  Ohhh, this reminds me why I'm not one of those girls that shop all of the time (or have a closet full of unworn shoes).  I've spent an hour looking at tournament sets and intricate handcraft sets, and I'm unsure if I should go for practicality or beauty. 


Oh, if only I were a millionare and could have a chess set in each room of my house (and people to play them constantly).