My name is Kayt....and I'm addicted to online chess...LOL.

Nov 6, 2009, 8:58 AM |

This has been an interesting week.  It's had it's ups and downs.  First let me say thanks (why do I feel like I'm giving a speech)... to the ppl who responded to my last blog.  I never expected all of the input that I received.  I was just being a dorky girl with some silly questions and a whole lot of nonsense in her head .  I was honestly attempting to organize my thoughts.  I've gotten some really great advice and information regarding my games. 

I've learned that asking questions isn't bad.  It seems that 80% of the ppl want you to become better (so they can challenge you and defeat you fairly).  Everyone for the most part has been very supportive of me and my somewhat ridiculous and silly nature (which is evident in my chess playing). I've signed up for diamond membership and have been utilizing the chess mentor and lessons and videos and chess tv this week.  I've actually been doing as many "homework assignments" as I have assignments from uni.  Thursday, I was online for a LONG time (7 hrs) and hadn't realized the span.  A friend of mine laughed and said my eyes would go square from all the time I've spent staring at my laptop.  My online chess time is not measured by a clock but the regions that my friends are on.  It is as noted:

Wake up:  Play a game or two during breakfast (usually with late night Americans or midday Australians) or before or after my run.  I also try to remember to say good morning to my friends in Bulgaria and other parts of Europe.

Midday:  Check back for a lesson or two.  Look over old games/ Maybe a turn-based game or two (Usually a person or two from India is on to play me in livechess.  Maybe I'll challenge a New Zealander as well)

Evening: Before my run/dinner/bed/bath/whatever.  Say hello to my buds in the U.K. :)  They are a fun bunch.  The games I play in the evening are usually very challenging.  The conversations in main chat are really interesting as well...if only I knew more about football....

So--yes, I admit it.  I'm at that stage where I'm trying to get my game better and slighly afraid that if I stop playing I'll forget EVERYTHING. 

So, I'm attempting (hopefully with fingers and toes crossed) to go outside and do some hiking, finish up a project that is due, get ready for next term, ride a train or two, visit some friends, take great fotos, and get some Vitamin D the best way I know how :)

I just get sucked into tactics and such.  I'm kind of nervous about being off for a few days.  I know I'll have fun...


...I guess, if I'm going to have a vice at least it's an intellectual one...