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Refreshing :D (I know it sounds like a commercial)

Oct 19, 2009, 4:08 PM 5

After an incident earlier today I was somewhat jaded regarding the intentions of some of my opponents.  Something told me, "Kayt, don't let one knucklehead get you down!  Take a break and try again."  So I logged back on with an intention of playing 1 quick 5 minute game (yeah you know that's how I roll) and ended up in the absolute best chess game/lesson ever!  My opponent/tutor for the night was the most patient person ever.  It was a pretty long game as I explained why I was making a move and really sat down and thought out the game.  It hadn't even occured to me to peruse the chatboards as I was engrossed in my game, thought, and company.  It was neat.  I was actually thinking about it and making logical moves!!!!  2 hours later ( I said it was a long game) after the game was won, I thougth to myself,"Wow!".  It's nice to be "around" someone who is genuinely nice, appreciates the game, and is patient enough to spend the last two hours helping me with my thought processes (adult add girl).  Definately no underlying deviance at all.  Surprisingly, said opponent has just become a member of the site.  Hopefully, others will welcome him and appreciate his presence as he is a good player.  It is obvious when he explains things and I'm sure that the higher ranking members will appreciate him.  Well I must go to bed but I must say that my faith in ppl is slowly being restored.  I have to remember for every grody remark I see or hear there are 5 really super awesome people on here.  Definately.  Super.  Awesome. 

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