SchachTherapy: The Secret Sessions (lol)

Jul 28, 2010, 1:08 PM |

Some events today served as a catalyst for me to release previously recorded interviews from a few of my favorite and infamously famous members that frequent Live Chess...


Note that these were recorded between Jan-March 2010. Some of the info may not be current. I will not edit any of these talks due to compromising the integrity (as I've not edited any of my interviews as of yet)...

Note that tomorrow (Central European Time) I shall release SchachEpisode: Meet Zug.   


Look for

*Meet Misha

*Meet ProfessorKnox

*Meet JediKsh

*Meet TaffsWelsh

*Meet Ideological Slave

*Meet me (VeggieGirlie), as interviewed by the wonderful Fonix)

These are NOT being released in order, ridiculously random (like my mind)...

Also, I'd like to thank beforehand the musical geniousity of RAINBOWRISING for his musical talents regarding an opening..


Ciao for Now :D