Stop and Stare

Jul 28, 2009, 8:29 AM |

So I've decided to "slow my roll" (ha ha) and not necessarily play a million matches today. 

After being a productive member of society in my real life (aka actually getting up and doing stuff today) I think that I might spend an hour just watching other people's matches.  I observed a friend earlier today and I was like -"Yes, make that move" and "oh no look at his rook!!".  If I can see plays on other people's boards then why not my own?

So that's my limit for today.  One hour only. Observing.  No matches.  No chats.  Just watching.  And attempting to sleep at a decent hour.  Last night I TRIEED but couldn't sleep and found myself on here until 2am.  GRRRR!!!!


I am going to definately have to ween myself slowly and surely because I'm not sure when I'll have a chessboard or internet access in a few days (since the move and all).


Well I'm off to get stuff done ;)