Today is a fairy tale!!

May 29, 2010, 7:35 AM |



I can't believe it! i finally made it past 900 in standard! for the longest time i've been bouncing around between 700's -late 800's and not breaking through. My chess metabolism has been offffff for the longest...but I've concentrated and remembered all of the advice and lessons from the great friends and mentors that I've met here...and I've suceeded.

I know that 900 isn't like the greatest rating ever, and it's not about the rating really, but for someone who has been deemed "blunderqueen" and has a hard time seeing mating patterns and just basic chess principles, the wins that I've had lately have been a good morale booster.  I really need to just study and think, and apply the things that I've learned...become the human sponge. ;D

I feel good!

Thanks for all of the support from all of my wonderful blue ppl!