Under the Bridge (totally irrelevant topic du jour)

Jan 27, 2010, 9:03 PM |

This was my response to a forum Topic Question:

When you get personally attacked how does that make you feel?

Jokingly I answered:

"I've realized flamers and trolls help me to become the pseudo-celebutante that I've become. hahaha

Thank you each and every one!!!!! "

But as the night went on I thought about it and had to respond as follows:


Well i think i've got the record to day for as many times that i've been flamed on in one day.  Apparently my handle gives everyone license at an attempt to convert me to carnivorism/tell me the ills of vegetarianism, school me on veganism, blame me for everything that any vegetarian has ever done to them. associate me with radical ethical groups, want to date my avatar, tell me I'm no good at chess, fill in the blank, blah blah and etc. etc. etc...

I've also gotten flamed on for the past three days regarding the fact that I play live chess when i'm in insomniac mode.  My social life and well being are the concerns of many trolls who surprisingly are online about as much as I am in one day...

It is disheartening for a split second but then i realize that its definately pot-calling kettle syndrome and people project themselves onto others.  I am an easy target and apparently a ginormous flame magnet.

Now I'm expecting some flamage regarding lack of grammer skills and typos for this post.  Keep in mind that It's 6am and I've been playing chess for the last 5 hours nonstop (ok you've got me, it was really 8 :). 

I just want to give a shout out before I go to the unsolicited advice and free (and very public) pseudotherapy sessions that have made my day bigger and brighter.  Oh, what WOULD i do without said flamers and trolls?