It's Your Game (Ep. 01): Old Indian/Petrof -- response / chess ettiquette

Jan 16, 2010, 4:19 PM |

I've taken down my first vlog regarding an opening that I finally managed to get right.

I actually like the idea of vlogging my games especially as I play as it helps to document my thought process....

I have a question regardign chess ettiquette:

*Is it bad sportsmanship to blog about a game? Especially since our games are accessable to all members when they click on our live and online profiles?

*Is it bad sportsmanship to gloat to a member regarding a loss that they made, even if it wasn't by you?

*Besides saying "good game" are there any other chess ettiquette rules or rituals that should be practiced online and OTB?


Thanks in advance for your answers :D