High Rated Players,High Grades

High Rated Players,High Grades

Mar 31, 2011, 6:47 AM |

There are many players in chess.com,chess world,cricket,badminton,tenis,football,lot to tell.some are experts some are avarage,and some are beginers.but the most important part is to help each others .in cricket proffessional players are only giving autographs.and they dont even care the person who wants the signaure of him.they are just piece of paper to him.when i see videos like that i feel so sad about them.its like a war to get an autograph of him.some will but...some...they dont.


Garry kasparov ,Bobby ficher they are the greatest people in chess,all respect them,appriciating.but what about a player belove 999:)??.do the world respect like them?.not at all.my favorite Grand master is vishy anand the world champion the thing i like him cos he respect his fans without them he is just a master who's better in a field :) the smallest unit is the most important thing in the world.


a String can put a big tree down .and also it can put the Tree straight.family a single man can make a difference ,a big change to the world .just need courage.


i just wanted to have a game with a high rated player/a master title player like GM IM and lose :)

its not to show i can,i know i lose the game sure but.i also like to have the experience like Kasparov cos i played a game with a title player.I am from sri lanka and we still dont have any title player yet.thats why i like to have a 1 min at least please :)i did many reuqest to them.they dont even look at it :).at least one someday???...


Nothing in the world is permenant.i what i belive in the world is that there will be a day that i also become a expert in chess maby a Grand Master?.its not the type of the target just need courage and inspiration belive in yourself.

"becasue i know i can"

i am a silly article writer just wanted to share my ideas any comments appriciated :)