A month of intensive blogging! September 2018
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A month of intensive blogging! September 2018

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Hey everyone! It’s a new month, and we are looking forward to some fresh and interesting blogs! Thank you to all those who has supported me since I became a top blogger.

This post is about blogs in September, a month of intensive blogging. I will review which I felt were the top 5 blogs of this month- on the basis of purely instructional and improvement value. Then I shall also write about the 3 best bloggers of this month.

Let’s give it up for the top bloggers who provide so great content to the site!

Top 5 blogs of September 2018:


#5: My good games at this week #35


My good games at this week #35

Every week, Artur S (@UAArtur) shares interesting games with all of us. In edition #35 of this series, UAArtur brings up fresh games with original sacrifices.

All the games have interesting concepts. In the first game, there is an original gambit played by Artur. The second one involves witty tactics. Finally, he ends with three successful Greek Gifts played by him.


(Special Mention: Chess masterpieces: Timman vs Karpov, 1984


Chess Masterpieces: Timman vs. Karpov, 1984

This was a short post by NM SamCopeland (@SamCopeland) about a masterpiece by Karpov. He expressed how he felt that Karpov was one of his favourite players, thriving in anticipating opponent’s ideas. The game is well annotated. There is also a detailed video explaining the game.

Although it did not make it to my top 5 list, it was up there till the time the abovementioned blog by Artur was posted.)


#4: 2018 Chess Olympiad Preview


2018 Chess Olympiad Preview

GM Smerdon (@smurfo) wrote a giant, detailed, pre-tournament report on the Olympiad. He expressed his views about the favourites, who will challenge etc. in both sections. What I also liked was that it was like a complete news report- images, tweets, details, and I think it deserved a spot in the News of chess.com.

He wrote about how Olympiad is such a great and respected event, and expressed his disappointment over missing the tournament for the first time since he made his debut 14 years ago.


#3: Bent Larsen, A Giant-Killer! (Some Victories Against Great Players)


Bent Larsen, A Giant-Killer! (Some Victories Against Great Players)

In this blog Kamalakanta Nieves (@kamalakanta) delves deep into chess history, and writes about the style, life and games of Bent Larsen.

The main reason I chose this blog in this list was because of the examples. The examples chosen were quite good.


#2: London System and the Greek Gift: Bxh7


London System & the Greek Gift: Bxh7+

The long and detailed post on the Greek Gift by Indrek Reiland (@IndreRe) was a big treat for a person like me who loves fire on the board.

He elaborated on this topic, and tried to explain every aspect of it. There were many examples, and the blog contained lot of instructive content.

He took a look at games with sound or unsound Greek gifts, trying to annotate them and understand important points in this typical occurring sacrifice, like looking at possible defences, or possible ways to build up the initiative.

All in all, it was an exceptionally well written piece.


#1: Comparing the D-pawn systems (Part 1)


Comparing the D-Pawn Systems (Part 1)

Being a 1.d4 aficionado, this was probably the most helpful blog for me this month. Here, Indrek Reiland (@IndreRe) explains about different possibilities in the D-Pawn Systems.

Even rare sidelines like 1.d4-d5, 2.Bg5 was discussed. I think this is what made the blog so special- it was an entire opening key to refer to, containing major main lines and the rarest of side lines.

It is fair enough to say I was speechless at the amount of work put in by Indrek. A classic article by all means.


The top 3 bloggers of September 2018:


#3: FM Michel Coto (@Michel2426)

Michel consistently posts good, short blogs, and with instructive videos. He keeps things simple and to the point. If you want a brief and instructive chess lesson, check his blogs out!

#2: Kamalakanta Nieves (@kamalakanta)

I think Kamalakanta is one of the bloggers who simply loves chess history. He elaborates on the life, style and games of famous players. It is always a good idea to learn from the classics, and you would be fascinated seeing the amount of knowledge in his blogs!

#1: Indrek Reiland (@IndreRe)

Indrek is my favourite blogger. His posts are exceptionally well expressed, and they contain lot of instructional value. The amount of work put in by him in his blogs is commendable. Just visit his blog page, and your chess is sure to go up a mile.

(probably you would like to add vinniethepooh somewhere in the list!? )

So, that was my review for this month of exciting blogging. What do you think were the top 5 blogs? And who were your 3 favourite bloggers?

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