Baku Finals TB:Karjakin wins Baku World Cup

CM vinniethepooh
Oct 5, 2015, 8:55 AM |

Karjakin won,though with lot of luck.This tiebreak simply was a blunder fest.They were all decisive games.Karjakin finally did it in the blitz,scoring 2-0 from Svidler.The first tiebreak-the rapid had Karjakin win in the first round.Then Svidler won in the next match and they both went to the super rapid.Svidler scored the first victory,with Black pieces!Karjakin scored the next victory,again with Black pieces!This final was full of drama!The next place was a satisfaction for Karjakin:Blitz.He won the first round after Svidler hanged a rook,while he was up the exchange!The next round Svidler had an advantage,gave it away to Karjakin and that was the end.Karjakin wins:6-4!