London Chess Classic faces unpredictable Finale

CM vinniethepooh
Dec 13, 2015, 3:45 AM |

London Chess Classic final round will be played today.Only 2 hours to go,so what better time than to look who's playing who!

In the 8th round,Indian maestro Vishwanathan Anand faced huge pressure in the endgame after he declined to take the offered exchange by Caruana.Caruana did a brilliant home preparation.After 19 moves Anand had used no less than 57 minutes,and he used no more than 3 minutes.Shocking!Finally it was a draw.A interesting thing to note:Caruana has drawn all his games,but hasn't shown lack of fighting spirit.

Carlsen pressed longest against Topalov,but couldn't crack the Bulgarian.As Carlsen said,he had a clear edge but the 50 move rule that states if no pawn has moved and no piece has been captured,it is a draw.Otherwise,we would might as well have seen another nightmare for Topalov.

The only decisive result came when Anish Giri finished off Nakamura.He described the game as-"A angry little pussycat vs a wounded lion".Nice one,I must say!Giri said that Nakamura hadn't recovered from the 7 hour torture given by Carlsen to him.Giri didn't do anything special-Nakamura just played badly.The opening went wonderful for the American.Then was the time when things went wrong!With this win,Giri joins Vachier-Lagrave in the lead.

Grischuk had a nearly won position against Aronian,only to mess it up in time trouble.He was playing a wonderful game,until he missed b4!Then he was worse.Aronian tried to defeat Grischuk on time and didn't play correctly.Then he settled for a repetition.

Vachier-Lagrave and Adams split the point quiet early.It was a balanced game in the Ruy Lopez.But I think they shook hands quite quickly.There was still life left in the position,as the live coverage said.Now together with Caruana,Adams has 8/8 draws!


Okay!Now for today's round.Anand plays Giri,and the last time they played each other,Anand lost,and described it as:My worst game after becoming a Super-GM.My prediction is a draw.

Next up,Carlsen against Grischuk.Well,I can't really give a prediction.Grischuk suddenly play very good,or sometimes not up to the mark.Still Carlsen hasn't made kind of big bad moves or blunders,so he has more chances.Still,I will say it will be a draw.

A funny co-incidence is that Adams and Caruana,who have played out 8 draws each,our facing off each other.Caruana said-It would be ironic if the game would have a decisive result.What else would I say,other than-DRAW!

Aronian vs Vachier-Lagrave,it is very hard to predict.Vachier-Lagrave is playing better games,but I would say draw.I don't really have much words for this encounter.

Nakamura vs Topalov??!They both are not playing good,although Topalov is seriously having a nightmare.Still,Topalov is a good player and it will be a draw.



So finally,Predictions:All draws!Do write your predictions below.Thanks!