Vote Chess: Improvement and feedback

Vote Chess: Improvement and feedback

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Sometimes, chess can be a team effort. After a discussion, the teammates should get mixed as one whole, loudly and proudly roaring out the right move.

Discussion is the most important thing when playing as a team. In an election, when the people vote, a lot is discussed. Every voter gives their reasons to defend their votes. So, why can’t it be so in Vote Chess?

Today I am going to discuss about something which is very rarely been talked about on Vote Chess, and what to remember while voting.

The recent game Komodo vs The World was a refreshing experience. The game was fun, however our inexperience as a team showed.

After the game ended, I wrote the following comment:

“Vote Chess is a collaborative team effort. Here, the players should try to prove their points in the comments section. That is really the only way to reach out to the other players.

A lot of players, as discussed, were just playing their move and going away. Please take out a bit of time, fellow voters, to read the comments section!

This is immensely important. Seeing how this game went, we can learn a lot about this type of chess.”

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  • STOP! Take a bit of time- think!
  • Discuss! Give reasons for your move! Do not vote your move prematurely!
  • Learn about the pros and cons of your moves by analysis given in the comments section!
  • This does not mean you play the move which is being discussed- you may want to play your move but not before reasoning it and participating in the discussion!


Now for a couple of DO NOT’S:


  • DO NOT USE ENGINE!! It disturbs the fun of the game. Moreover, if by chance you are caught, you may be getting kicked off from the site.
  • DO NOT SPAM THE CHAT!! It is very bad habit.

A few suggestions for

  • For every game create a rating limit. I do not mean to say not to give a chance to everyone, but depending upon the opponent, please do the needful.
  • At the same time create a member limit. It is not easy to convince so many people to play the right move.
  • If we are playing against an engine, give odds! We need to accept it- we are playing against an engine and in such a mess where people vote before discussing, we need to have some odds at the start of the game.
  • Prepare a Knightmare game! Just like Hikaru and MVL played on this variant against Komodo, it would be very interesting to have such a Vote Chess game played on

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