Nov 27, 2011, 8:38 AM |

I am 12.

Many people get my name wrong.MY NAME IS "IBRAHEEM" NOT "IBRAHIM"!I have done 2 math GCSEs,one when I was 7 and one when I was 9.I got an B and a ASurprised and a biology GCSE in which I got 75%.I think the best opening is the Ruy Lopez and the French defence.The first tounament I went into was a chess school cluster which I won in my group.My brothers are very good compared to me.My favourite subject is biology, I also know some italianTongue out. I have played for England in an international tournament in Austria, but there were to many mosquitoes.

My favourite cartoon is Ben 10, My favourite game is Street Fighter and in street fighter my favourite character is either "ryu" or "guy". and I like bird-watching a lot.I like most type of music. I LOVE BOOKS!As long they are interesting ones, I am now reading the stravaganza series and the edge chronicles.

The picture above is me(blue shirt) on the left and my elder brother Yousuf on the right when I got an A in my GCSE's.

Also could you please join my groups, my UK juniors one:

My Norfolk one:

And my beyblade one: