A Brand New App For iOS

A Brand New App For iOS

Feb 17, 2015, 10:53 AM |

We're so excited to report that last week saw the launch of a long-awaited overhaul to our aging iOS app, and chess on your iPhone or iPad has never looked better — or provided mobile access to so many Chess.com features!

Once you sign in, you'll see your Play page: a graphical list of all your current games, with your 20 most recent games available for review below (iPhone) or to the right (iPad). But to really explore all the new app can do, tap the menu button at upper left to see the main menu!

A quick tour through the menu will give you a good overview of what's new in the app:

  • Lessons (aka Chess Mentor)
  • Articles
  • Friends
  • Stats (greatly improved - and now free for everybody)

And let's not forget some new stuff hiding in Settings...

  • Live Chess pre-moving! (You have to turn it on to use it.)
  • Selective Live Chess Chat enabling (always, never, friends only)
  • And all the settings you'd expect: Board coordinates, Submit button On/Off, and so on

Oh, and themes!...

Here you can pick one of the presets — or concoct a theme of your own! To do that, go to the top (Settings > Theme) and tap on "Custom." That will allow you to combine your preferred board, pieces, background and even sound effects into your own personalized chess app!

Best of all, this new app is going to be a great platform for new improvements and features we're working on right now. Check out the new app if you haven't already, and stay tuned for more!

Tips & Tricks:

  • Swipe to the left or right below (iPhone) or beside (iPad) your Daily game board to skip to the next or previous active game
  • Tap the Chess.com logo at the top of the screen to return to the Play screen (or scroll to the top if you are already there)
  • Tap the hand-on-pawn badge/icon at upper right to go to your most urgent game. (It will take you to the Play screen if you have no moves to make or you are already looking at your most urgent game.)
  • Flip game boards with a two-finger pinch-twist (or use the menu if you don't like secret tricks!)
  • Tap your opponents' avatars in your games to see their profiles
  • Check out the new & improved Analysis Board for your Daily and Finished Games - it now includes Explorer, so you can at least play the opening like a pro!