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How To Become A Top Blogger For Chess.com

How To Become A Top Blogger For Chess.com

Apr 9, 2015, 12:30 PM 15

How do I get listed at Chess.com/Blogs?

"Top Blogger" status can only be awarded by Chess.com Staff. Bloggers making regular, positive contributions to the chess.com community are given this stamp of approval and will see their work promoted to the greater world wide web via social media and "headline" time on chess.com's home page.

To even be considered, blogs must regularly follow these three rules, matching the rest of Chess.com's premium featured News and Articles content:

  • Start your blog with at least two short, introductory paragraphs
  • Use a main image for the blog that is 630x354 pixels
  • Include content that is relevant (chess), helpful (teaching, educating, not advertising) and nice (not designed to be purely inflammatory to any race, religion, political party, gender or nationality).

Still have more questions? Check out our FAQ, click here.

My blogs meet this standard. What's next?

Fill out the form below. Once Chess.com Staff has reviewed your blog and verified your fulfillment of all requirements above, you will get approved, and automatically be listed at chess.com/blogs/authors. At this time you'll also receive a congratulatory message on Chess.com for confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm not worried about my blogs reaching a large audience, I just enjoy the writing. Can I blog without submitting an application? Of course! Chess.com offers all its members the ability to maintain their own blog. Click here to get your blog started today. We encourage all our members to be active bloggers!

I need more creative direction about writing great blogs on the web. Can you help? Yes!

By taking these steps, you will increase your chances of being selected as a Top Blogger for Chess.com.

Can I see some examples of other "Top Blogs"? Sure! Here's a few:

I see some blogs at chess.com/blogs that don't fit the criteria. Who should I contact? A Top Blogger is a user on Chess.com who consistently writes great content for the Chess.com community. They often write about their own games played right here on Chess.com, about their favorite (instructive) games from top tournaments going on around the world or even about their personal struggles improving or study habits, offering advice and insight to other members. Not every blog they write will always meet the standards 100%, but those who provide consistently great content will be given a pass here and there.

If, after reading that, you still feel the need to report someone's content, please send a message to username Kirkwood with a request that the given user have their Top Blogging status removed.

I used to be a Top Blogger, but I no longer see my blogs at the top and I'm not listed at chess.com/blogs/authors. What happened? First of all, thank you for providing such great content to the chess.com community. We're sorry to hear about your troubles. Please note that even our most active bloggers who've been on chess.com a long time must follow the guidelines listed above to maintain their status. We recommend that you review all of your blogs and assess if perhaps one of your blogs did not match our standards. To be reconsidered, please contact username Kirkwood and include all relevant details about your case.

I blog regularly and I filled out your form, why haven't I been listed yet? If you review our standards and believe your blog is worthy of top blogger consideration, and you have at least five recent blogs that follow our guidelines above, you can open a support ticket with the subject line: Top Blogger consideration.

I'm a Top Blogger and I've seen some blog posts make it to the featured slot on the home page of Chess.com, or get tweeted out with the hashtag #chesscommunity? What makes those blogs so special and why aren't my blogs getting promoted in this way? There are dozens if not hundreds of original pieces of content created on Chess.com everyday. Sometimes, our staff is overwhelmed with what to promote, and we may just be missing your great work. Feel free to message Kirkwood with your request for more love. Please include any and all reasons why you think your content deserves to be promoted to the global chess community.

Am I allowed to use my blog to promote my coaching services or my own website? Yes, you are. Within reason. Guidelines:

  • Don’t use your blog purely to advertise your services. These types of blogs will not only be deleted but often lose you your Top Blogging status
  • Always offer some kind of quality take away (educational, entertaining, enlightening, etc) for your readers. Following the "80/20" rule is the best place to start. 80% quality takeaways for your readers, 20% of the material may advertise your services, coaching lessons, videos or other services
  • Though you can promote your own personal website, or non-chess websites, do not link to other chess service websites outside of Chess.com.

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