Live Chess Updates!

Hi all!

Earlier today we implemented some neat changes to Live Chess. Many of the changes were "under the covers" (performance, stability, and/or anti-cheating), but there are a few things we wanted to highlight:

A new Game Archive tab! Now you can see your recent Live games (or someone else's) without leaving Live! To see another player's games, select the new item on the pop-up menu after clicking their username, or type "/archive {username}" into the Alerts tab. 


To view your own archive, just type "/archive", or to see it all the time, enable the tab in Live Settings.


Pretty neat!


Additionally, we made several small but helpful improvements to layout in all three Live Chess clients (Simple Board, Full Board, and Facebook), and we added new, higher-quality sound files for the various events in Live chess!

Thank you!

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  • 5 years ago


    You forgot to mention that only Premium members can actually view the games.


    P.S.: Oh, and maybe you should make an option available to chose your own sound pack. I kinda liked the old ones better.

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