Staff Profiles: Bojan

Staff Profiles: Bojan

Jul 20, 2015, 3:50 PM |

This is the eighth in a series of posts to help people get to know the team better. Today, we meet a guy who does more to make kids love chess before 5 AM than most people do all day: Bojan Pejic!



 Where do you live?

I live in a small city in Northern Serbia, named Subotica.


How long have you worked for

This October will mark my three-year anniversary at a wonderful 3 years!


What do you do at

I’m one of the developers responsible for From the moment I joined the team, I’ve been working on adding new features, updates and maintenance of ChessKid. My tasks as programmer are mainly back-end related (PHP), but when it’s needed I handle front-end tasks as well (JavaScript).


What do you like about working at

I like the fact we are a world-wide company, employing people from all around the globe with different cultures to build an amazing jigsaw puzzle of a team: We all have the same aim at - to make our products the best! It is always great when I meet my distant colleagues in person. Also I love the fact I’m not tied to an office or place to work from — all I need for work is my laptop and a solid internet connection.  


What are your other interests and hobbies?

I’ve been playing football (soccer) from the age of 8; at one time, I was at the semi-pro level, but now it’s more amateur. I had a couple of more serious injuries that required a half year to recover, but I’m still playing, because I love the game — and my teammates are great as well. We actually won the championship this year! Beside sports, I like to travel and visit interesting places with my fiancée.



Thanks for tuning in! Check back next week for another staff profile. 

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