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lost loved ones....

lost loved ones....

Jan 28, 2008, 3:20 AM 15
its always hard to lose someone...an its even harder to have someone pass on before there time...so im taking a few minutes to post this outta repect for my homegurl that ive known since i was 6 years old....she died on sat nite the 26th of jan this year 2008....a drunk driver took her young life of only 20 years....because of his complete foolishness....jenny a.k.a esa giggles from my hood WSLS13 gang..leaves behind 2 childen [brad age 3, and hennessy age 2,] who will never get to see and know just how good of a person and mother she really was please take a minute to post respects if you feel the urge to people......god bless you jenny....like the 2pac song says mija....how long will they mourn me? .......for you mija.....imma mourn everyday homie!!!!!!!!!!!! see you on the other side when my times run out....until then....youll always be in my heart with unconditional love...LOKO!!

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