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    • "Truly, you have a dizzying intellect."

      The drama of the past several days involving chess2Knights has, indeed, been truly dizzying. About one year ago, chess2Knights was banned for cheating. Understandably, many members, trusting the site's administration, accepted this as evidence th... | Read More

    • My draw offers

      After 145 games, I have never offered a draw in Online Chess. Seven of my draws are "by agreement," and my opponent offered the draw each time. The other five are draws by repetition. Several days ago, I briefly considered offering a draw in one ... | Read More

    • My son's second chess game

      My two-year-old son Isaac just played his second chess game ever, and this time it was a full game. My wife and I had to guide him a great deal in order to help him make legal moves. Other than that, we allowed him to make the first legal move tha... | Read More

    • My son's first chess game

      My two-year-old son just played his first chess game. My wife brought up the "Play Against the Computer" feature on Chess.com, and my son asked for help moving pieces. His first move was 1. e2-e4. After he played this, he shouted, "I did it!" The... | Read More

    • There he goes again, being all cute ... and brilliant.

      Maybe I'm just easily impressed by my son, but he never ceases to amaze me. He does things all the time to show how intelligent and perceptive he is. I love seeing how well he's developing and learning to do all sorts of things. This morning, my ... | Read More

    • Thankful for losing

      Earlier this week, I lost two chess games in a row. In so doing, I doubled my total losses in Online Chess! Though compiling a record of 48-0-4 has been both a challenge and a thrill, and I've worked and toiled hard along the way, I'm glad that t... | Read More

    • Isaac the terrible

      One day earlier this week, my 18- (almost 19)-month-old son "threw a fit." I think this was at a neighbor's house, or in their backyard. That's how my wife described it to me, because I was at work when it happened. Then, after this, they went to ... | Read More

    • Getting treats and getting tricked

      Halloween is coming up. I have mixed feelings about that holiday. I mean, I find much to enjoy about it. My wife and I love to give candy to children. I like to make them say “Trick or treat!” before I give them any candy, though. I like t... | Read More

    • So high-strung that we string ourselves along until we're strung up

      I'd like to tell a story. It is not originally mine, but I like the lesson that it teaches. "It concerns Master Hauchecome, who on market day went to town. He ... noticed a piece of string [lying on the cobblestone]. He picked it up and carefully... | Read More

    • My son, the king

      I am going to brag on my son again. Tonight for dinner, my wife and son and I went to Burger King. My wife got a paper crown for him and placed it on his head. Yeah, I know it's nothing remarkable or groundbreaking. Millions of parents do the s... | Read More