Wow Look at That Move!!!

Sep 30, 2011, 8:42 PM 1,135 Reads 3 Comments

Okay, so recentally I haven't been posting anything because I had no will or time to make one(in other words I was just plain lazy:) I'm starting to accept CORRESPOND challenges. So feel free to challenge me!!!!!!!! I would like to start telling you about what this title means. It means when you see a great move you just don't "jump the gun" or in other words, just go for it. I've made that mistake many many timesSurprised. When you see a good move just don't go for it, take a little bit, slow down life, stop and smell the roses, just stop life and worriness and look. My left eye looks weird:) EMBARASSING!!! I never thought about some moves in my mind I would say,"hmm, ooo!!! Check:) Awwww bad move." I never look. But thank the guy upstairs that I do now. Everybody should look, think, move. I know people of heard this quote a billion times," look for a move, and when you find it, look for a better move." People may think it's corny that people keep saying over and over, but hey, great lesson to learn. Well.... as Porky Pig would say,"That's Al-l-l Folks!!!!! Wiimac, signing out. Good travels, and good chess!!!!!


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