Your In It to Win It

Nov 11, 2011, 9:10 PM 1,092 Reads 0 Comments

In one of my recent posts I had talked about the final moment until the win. Just so you know you should check it out, it's a really good post. But this is kind of the same thing. But when your going for the win and if you win this game you'll win something big. Like Boris Spassky vs. Bobby Fischer. When your sitting there, all that energy building up inside of you either before the match when your playing for the "big" win. Or when you are playing the current match, when you are losing the match. Or you are winning the match.

When it's before the match your like, overflowing your body with all this anxiety and your just feeling like your going to explode!!!!!!!!!!! But calm yourself, you should go over your mistakes you made in your last game. You must just play little games in between with an opponent or with yourself. Then get ready for the match, prepare yourself. In openings, psychology, time control, endgames, middle games, everything!!!!

When you just starting the match, you feel calm usually. You think to yourself, "hey the pressure isn't getting to me." You smile and just go on. Most of the time.... BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your hit with all this nervousness and your going crazy!! But then at that moment. Sit there, think, clear your brain of nervousness. Take a deep breath in, and then let it out. Then there usually thinking, " I'm going to crush him/her."  Now think to yourself. Even the smallest thing like a deep breath can change a game. Your opponent wants you to be weak at that moment of in overall in psychology. But you may not win 'cause you have been physicked out. You must have the what I say for physiology "the dam of mind." What happens to a dam after time when it gets a lot of pressure? It cracks. And when your emotions and your mind cracks you can't do anything for a tad bit of time. But how do you stop that crack coming back? Keep the pressure off it. Over time your mind will be like pressure? Pftt. None. Then you can win, not against your opponent, yourself!!!! Always in a chess game you think the person your playing against is your opponent, but no no. It's yourself. You have worry about a lot of things, but what you really just need to do, is build that dam up with the pressure not affecting it. You will see a difference. But don't go and not notice dangers on the board. I've gone in chess games and not had any pressure for any moves and I lost!!!!! It's hard to think about it, don't have pressure, but have it. Now back to the main topic.

When your losing the match your like,"ahh crap, what am I going to do?" Here is what you do. Yet again, take a deep breath, clear your mind of all discouragement and think. Think of the happiest thing that's ever happened to you. Apply that to your skills, it's has actually worked for me. But watch out, some people's adrenaline spikes and they make stupid quick moves, it rarely ever works(I would know.) Just keep your mind clear and focused,

Now the toughest position to be in. When your winning. Now your probably thinking ",wiimac, your so lying!!!" But no-no. All truth. When your winning people usually are like,"no way he can win!!!!" So then they go on without analyzing their moves. They get hit with a great move cause of their bad move!!! Well you need to remember not to get all cocky. Over the weekend I played in the Wisconsin Junior Open. I was winning may have even taken first. Nope I got too cocky had a rook over on him skewered me and ended in a draw. I will post my games but I can't right now. Just remember don't get cocky, keep your mind straight, and just play it out. In the third round I set a trap, which he took, but before he did I heard my heart pounding in my ears. I was so excited. I just needed to keep my head straight and just go through the game. I won it after playing it out. But just keep this in mind. Focus, analyze moves, confidence, determination, and humbleness. Hope this helps!!!


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