Queen`s Indian Defense: Bishops and an "Indian defense"

Aug 31, 2012, 10:05 AM |

The QID(Queen`s Indian Def.) is played by the moves d4,Nf6,c4,e6,Nf3,b6.

This opening is a solid defense to the QP game. Now, we are about to move onto lines in the QID. Here they are:

  • g3 Bb7-old main line
  • g3 Ba6-modern main line
  • a3- Petrosian Var.(preparing Nc3)
  • Nc3- Bb4 transposes to the Nimzo-Indian Defense,Bb7 a3 became the common move order to reach the Petrosian System,Bb7 Bg5 is an older line which gives Black good equalizing chances after h6 Bh4 g5 Bg3 Nh5 e3 Nxg3  hxg3 Bg7.
  • e3- this can lead to a complex mddlegame
  • Bf4-Miles Var.

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