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It's a Good Sign When They Accuse You of Cheating!

It's a Good Sign When They Accuse You of Cheating!

Apr 11, 2013, 12:34 AM 12

This is currently my best game on Chess.com. I'm not a great chess player by any measure, but I do enjoy deviating from book openings and progressing along intuitive, irregular lines. For all the failures this mentality produces, it can yield some suprisingly beautiful successes.

Here my endgame was so smooth that my opponent -- someone rated about 170 points higher than me -- called me a cheater and "reported" (blocked) me. Apparently he thought I must have been using a computer program to beat him so soundly. You know you're doing something right when they think you're Deep Blue!

Forgive me, but I'm so proud of this game that I annoted it. Please page through the game and read my commentary if you have a minute. Here White plays the King's Pawn game. My opening response was 1... d6, which looks like the Pirc Defence, but it turns out not to be. Still, White proceeds as if it really was the Pirc Defence -- and suffers for it.

I hope you enjoy viewing and reading this game as much as I enjoyed seeing an arrogant defeated man throw sour grapes at me. :)


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