Iredell County Community Chess Tournament

Iredell County Community Chess Tournament

Jun 25, 2017, 6:40 PM |

This Sunday marked the Iredell County Community Chess Tournament. The tournament was held at Lakeshore Elementary and was organized by Carson Cook and Ken Baxter. It's my understanding that Carson is one of the strongest scholastic players around and Ken is a strong expert level player. The tournament was a great experience and I was able to test my mettle against many young scholastic players.


Here are the games!

Game 1:

This game started with a bad variation in the Queen's Gambit for Black. I saw this sequence twice during the tournament. d4 d5 c4 Nf3 should really be avoided.


Game 2:


A disappointing loss but it was time to spring back!


Game 3:

Game 4 (for all the marbles):
I finished the tournament on a good note and won a movie ticket, a free ice cream sundae and $10! What a great Sunday!


It was a true joy to play with so many young scholastic players, I hope those who played me where able to learn from our games and someday overtake my own skills happy.png