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Just checking

Just checking

Jul 21, 2016, 5:55 PM 8


Posting pictures every now and again just helps to keep us real and i HOPE a little reminder to those who continuously accuse every woman of being a man that women DO come here and DO love chess!

No, not going to name names of those of the close minded and sexist mind set of the prolly-smelly-socks-stuffed-into- the-couch-cause-they're-too-lazy-to-put-them-in-the- hamper-eats-pizza-way-too-much-mother-would-be-ashamed-of-their-sexism persuasion. But you do know who you are...cause i've called your mothers and she should be giving you the business end of the time out chair right about now!!Tongue Out

Hmm...you're not drunk, my pics loaded sideways for some reason!

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