Portland or bust...

Portland or bust...

Mar 18, 2017, 3:22 AM |

DISCLAIMER:  Dont bother reading this its far too long! After coming across an article that really frosted my cookie, i just needed to get this all off my chest! 

Oregon has always been a very libertarian state; live and let live. Its been wonderful until probably the last 10 years or so. We have loggers, ranchers, farmers, ranchers, those who preferred our deserts or plains. We have high density cities, college towns, hippy and commune enclaves, artisan pretty much everything! We're very diverse, eclectic, and kooky and we love it! People of all sorts have been free to live their lives as they see fit and have gotten along pretty well while doing it.

In our large cities like Portland and Eugene, we now also have a LOT of drugs, crime, shootings, trash...and homeless people. Our libertarian mentality has been replaced with a progressive mentality that encourages and enables those who prefer homelessness and drugs to being responsible members of society to come to Portland to live. 

Now, i know some think how awful I must be to be so judgmental about progressive policies and the homeless. Well, as one who has seen the changes progressive ideals have brought to  that beautiful city I can say unequivocally that progressivism doesnt work! Our live and let live mentality has been replaced with high crime, violence, harassment, and free hand outs that help no one. 

This sums it up in a nutshell as to why I have left Oregon.


Be sure to read the comment section to get a real understanding of how absolutely stupid of an idea this is!

Portland already has given over our parks, city trails, meridians on the freeway, store fronts, our front porches (unwillingly), and most everywhere you go to those who live wherever they want! Leaving behind trash, feces, needles, abandoned shopping carts, and more. 

I've been assaulted while trying to help others being assaulted, accosted by mentally ill while on public transportation, each and every day someone somewhere will ask me for money and are sometimes aggressive and threatening (and sometimes not), and have witnessed NUMEROUS encounters of violence or threats of violence weekly and sometimes almost daily. It became a fact of life living in Portland.

Am i exaggerating? No, not really. Did it start off this way? No, it progressed slowly but surely until its now to the point hearing sirens and frequent gun shootings are just another day in paradise.

I'd like to help someone in need as much as the next person. I've been active in my community as a volunteer trying to help others for many years. I just can't watch this kind of thing anymore to a place i love. It makes me so sad to see so many being harmed, including the homeless!, by our policies! 

Ok, my venting is done. Oregon is still a great state and so incredibly beautiful! 💚

Still reading? Still thinking you'd like to move to Portland? Ok ok, heres a fun link that'll help you make your way like a native! 


You'll have to provide the gauges, neck tattoos, Nike gear and pretentious types of water bottles on your own.tongue.png