The supreme Topalov

Mar 5, 2009, 9:27 PM |

Born in the beautiful city of Rousse in Bulgaria, Veselin Topalov is a certified chess grandmaster. This amazing chess sensation was also a former World Chess Federation (FIDE) titlist from 2005 to 2006. He is currently ranked third among the active list of outstanding chess players. He is under the tutelage of former international chess champion Silvio Danailov.

Topalov made serious waves in the international chess scene after he bagged the 2005 FIDE world chess championship. During that same year, there is no doubt that the Bulgarian chess grandmaster was at the peak of his career after receiving a Chess Oscar. The following year, he reached the second highest Elo rating ever with a score of 2813. So far, this has been the highest point of his entire colorful career as a professional chess player.

Topalov was introduced to the game of chess by his father when he was still 8 years old. He immediately showed an early brilliance in the game when he dominated the World Under-14 Championship tournament that took place in Puerto Rico in 1989. He followed his early success with another impressive victory, this time by winning the 1990 silver medal at the World Under-16 Championship in Singapore. By 1992, Topalov was already reached the grandmaster status.

The stint of Topalov at the FIDE World chess championship was a colorful one. A couple of final 16 finishes in 1999 and 2001, a quarter finals finish in 2000, and a semifinal finish in 2004 are among the solid performances of this Bulgarian grandmaster in the earlier parts of his career. His biggest break arrived in 2005 after he defeated the legendary Garry Kasparov of Russia in the final round of the Linares chess tournament.

After the outstanding victory at the Linares 2005, Topalov snatched a key victory at the 2005 M-Tel Masters. Michael Adams, Vladimir Kramnik, and Viswanathan Anand were among the top competitors that he was able to surpass in the prestigious tournament. Also present were tough contenders Judit Polgar and Ruslan Ponomariov. This victory propelled him to the next stage of his successful career.

Because of his pretty solid performances in the previous tournaments, Topalov gained a direct seat to the FIDE World Chess Championship tournament from September to October 2005. Right from the very start, he displayed his highly efficient strategies and tremendous concentration in front of all the avid fans and spectators who were present at the event.

After a respectable finish, Topalov was propelled to greatness as he was declared FIDE World Chess Champion. The Amsterdam 2006, Vienna 1996, and Antwerp 1997 were also among his earlier achievements. The FIDE World Chess Championship 2005, Corus 2006, and M-Tel Masters 2006 were excellent follow up to his early success. The Corus 2007, M-Tel Masters 2007, and Champions League 2007 were also notable international chess tournament victories.