Friendly Match: Pedro Martins - Renato Vasconcellos

Jul 17, 2012, 1:29 AM |

Again I'm playing a friendly match, this time against team mate Renato Vasconcellos, who is rated these days around 2060 ELO FIDE.

This is the first game, an Exchange Slav that quickly got complicated. I think I got out of the opening slightly better, but couldn't follow up very well, and entered a worse position for me. Then I had to suffer for some time before getting the draw :-)

Here are the moves, enjoy!

The second game, started with 1.Nf3 but funnily reverted back to a Panov Caro-Kann variation that I know quite well. At one point in the game Black could have decided matters forcefully, but he missed his chance after which a relatively calm position arrived. Hands were shaken after 3 hours and 28 moves.

 The third game, in my opinion the most quiet one so far. A Chebanenko Slav, even though it lasted for 40 moves, I don't think any side got close to a decisive advantage. Here are the moves:
Fourth game, first defeat :-( I really wasn't playing at my best that day, and Renato fully realized the mistakes that I made.
Fifth game. This one I believe I was really close to winning, more than once. But during the game I couldn't find the closing continuation, and in the end the result was a draw, even though I had an extra piece! Check it out:
Last game... I needed to win to level the score... and win I did! It was not the cleanest of victories, but still I was happy with some ideas that I encountered during the game. Here are the moves!