Game Analysis: White vs Hashim Alhadi

Jan 20, 2017, 7:16 PM |

I've been having some really complex games lately where the 30|0 time control does not offer even close to enough time for me to analyze the position. So I've decided to make a blog where I post the non-engine analysis I wish I could have done during the game.

 So in conclusion I played all the best moves. Hmm, suspicious. I will see what the engine says.

Wow, thanks stockfish! You're the best.

Stockfish 8: Based on your analysis, I am still not satisfied with your understanding of the sidelines. Let's go over some of them.


xman720: Okay, I understand that, but what if black just defends with Ra7 defending the queen? Then Nc4 doesn't come with an attack on the queen, so black can defend with just a move like Ng6.
Stockfish 8: You're right that Nc4 doesn't work, but white has another idea.
xman720: something with Bb5? Or Ne4?
Stockfish 8: No those moves are as stupid as they look.
xman720: Bc4? Rc1? Nc4?
Stockfish 8: Those moves are all good, but miss the idea. One particular move stands out.
xman720: Black can just recapture with the queen and save his pawn, lest I get pinned.
stockfish 8: You're right. if queen takes, white should not take the pawn.
Stockfish 8 Okay, now that you understand all that more now, let's go back to the game.
After a6, Qa4+ is not the best move, it should be obvious to you now that Nc4 is the best move. This is why it is valuable to understand the ideas behind inferior variations. Qa4+ essentially let's black get his bishop out with tempo, but Nc4 makes Qa4+ come with power.
xman720: I like Ne5. It looks like black is losing in every variation. The scariest looking move is exd5, but I can play Qa4+

Stockfish 8: Ne5 is an excellent move! -almost. White wins in every variation but one, you missed something in exd5. Qa4+ is met by b5, which you forgot about. So Ne5 doesn't work, it allows exd5 and basically gives black quality. The correct move is the crazy Nb6. This blocks the black b pawn from advancing.
xman720: Oh I get it. And after Ra7, Ne5 works because b5 isn't possible anymore.
Stockfish 8: No, in this case black simply takes your knight. recall that he can give back material any time on f6, so white it simply down a piece after that. Yes, Bxe5 draws the queen away from d7, but Qa5+ is meant with either knight to f6, not Bd7??
xman720: Okay, you're right. The obvious Rc1 pushes the queen from the defense of the d7 square. This works because black never has time to play Bd7 because of the tempo gaining moves.
Stockfish 8: Exactly. Finally, you understand the threats in the position and why Na3 is a good move. So let's go back to the game.