Grunfeld or King Indian

Mar 21, 2012, 10:38 AM |

hello, fellow chess players. 

I believe both can be fun to play and very dyanmic.  While the grunfeld is more direct playing d5, the King Indian is more popular at club level.  You can still get a good position even if you do or dont play most aggressive lines.  But you have to of course be careful, you dont get into a bad position, the right strategy is important.  I do have some literature on the King Indian from Roman Dzindihachvilli, who also trianed Kasparov.  If your bishop is blocked it can also be traded off, or come out via h6 or f8. I have won a few games on both sides of the king indian thru gameknot correspondence and a couple on the grunfeld.  Although, as black you always have to be careful white doesnt get a passed d or c pawn.  If you defend well, both are ok, but the Grunfeld is more open requiring more precision.  Very sharp, sometimes one questionable move and it can be over, white gets a better position or wins a pawn.  Have a nice day.