on Politics: Obama's Speach in Cairo

on Politics: Obama's Speach in Cairo

Jun 5, 2009, 3:19 PM |

For those of you who care about Politics at all, Obama delivered a "historical" speech in Cairo billed to the 1.xx Billion Muslim od the world.

As we are on a chess website, we need to "chessisize" every thing. So, I'm going to try to see if I can make a parable of Obama' speech and Chess!

Let's assume that the US is playing White, the Muslim World is playing Black.

First of all, is this assumption valid at all?

In chess we are trying to KILL each other, but in actual like, the US and the Muslim World and Every Body are assumed to be living in Peace or reach Peace. However, there was some tension, actually very strong tension between the US and the Muslim World:

- Since the establishment of Israel and the US backing and alliance with it, there had always been some tension. Wars between Israel and the Arabs meant tension between the US and the Arabs, and maybe the whole Muslim world.

- The US helping overthrowing a legitimate democratically elected Government in Iran in the 50's (This was mentioned in Obama's speech by the way).

- Iranian Islamic Revolution Hostage taking crisis.

- First Gult War.

- 9-11: A big blow to US security and a huge number of innocent civilian causalities.

- US war on Afghanistan (still going), often many collateral damage.

- US war on Iraq (still going), big toll among US Military but lots of collateral damage among Iraqis increasing bitterness of a "WAR OF CHOICE".

- G. W. Bush several slips of tongue like calling the above two wars "crusades", "Islamic Fascism" did not help but increasing unfavoring the US.

- Guantanamo Bay

- Abu-Ghreib

- ..

- ..

The game seem to be very HOT and passed mid-game, pieces are cornered, any wrong move and it is over!

Now, Obama wants every one to pull his pieces back, going back to the start line. (Of course, that has nothing to do with Chess, it is a completely different game!)

Now, just for the fun, try to do this and tell me if it works:

Try to get to a past mid game game, and then try to pull all pieces away from each without killing or threatening each other. The winner is the one who puts his remaining pieces back where they were first.

Maybe except pawns, or should we allow pawns to go back as well?

Maybe if it works in chess, it will work in reality.

Let's pray for Peace to prevail!