Pro Chess League Round 1: A good start for SF

IM yian123
Jan 12, 2017, 3:33 PM |

The unusual time control of 15 2 led to some very interesting games in Round 1 of the Pro Chess League. San Francisco won their first match 10-6, and we will need to step up our game for the upcoming rounds .

Some thoughts:

1. 15 2 is a strange time control that I have not adjusted to. Rustiness is a part of it, but having plenty of time to think at the beginning versus living on the 2 second increment at the end is a drastic adjustment. I need to improve my time management and improve my quick play!

2. Some of my friends noted that it was not easy following the Pro Chess League games live. In the games console (or another console), It would be great to have a list of the games organized in the fashion that the US Chess League games were listed after the events command on ICC: First listing which teams are playing, followed by a list of the respective games and player's names. However, this may be challenging to implement as there are multiple games by one player in one round, and updating the status of the games could be difficult.

Other than that, I think the Pro Chess League is off to a smooth start! Here is my first game from the round.

This game was a sign of poor time management, as I managed to run my time down to less than 20 seconds, Nerves could have been a factor, leading me to be more hesitant and taking more time with my moves early on, running into time trouble at the end.