World Championship Round 4 Analysis

IM yian123
Nov 16, 2016, 7:27 AM |

After a slow start for the first two games, the last two games have been very interesting and long struggles in the Ruy Lopez (6+ hours).

I am surprised by the frequency of the Ruy Lopez/Berlin, and would not be surprised if Karjakin switches things up,considering how his opening positions have been.

Annotated below is yesterday's struggle. I thought Carlsen could pull a win after the middlegame, but Karjakin's tenacious defence and occasional Carlsen innacuracies were enough for Karjakin to escape.

I am not sure if black had a win in the ending, but Be6 instead of f4 would have made white's defensive task over the board much more difficult.

Perhaps Karjakin will switch to d4/c4 openings for white, as he tries to probe Magnus' opening preparation there.