Marianopolis Students vs. Teachers Vote Chess Match

Marianopolis Students vs. Teachers Vote Chess Match

Feb 13, 2014, 6:04 PM |

Today at Activity Period, the Marianopolis Chess Club hosted the first edition of the Students vs. Teachers OTB vote chess match. A dozen chess players from the College assembled together and took on five teachers, one of the few teachers bold enough to demonstrate their prowess.

The two teams were situated far away from each other and the game began. Since the teachers were a small group, they discussed with each other on the best move.

As for the students, two positions would be proposed for every move and they voted using the clickers. To make it fun and engaging, move proposers would alternate.

The game lasted an hour but wasn't quite finished yet.


Black held on!
It was a nice atmosphere and a solid turnout. Hope to do something of the sort again some day :D


Hou Ji Yao

Co-executive of the Marianopolis Chess Club