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My first draw vs. Computer4-IMPOSSIBLE in 46 attempts!

My first draw vs. Computer4-IMPOSSIBLE in 46 attempts!

Jun 24, 2015, 11:01 AM 2

Hello everybody! I hope you are well :) 

Two weeks ago, I blogged about how I beat the Expert Computer for the first time. www.chess.com/blog/yk333218/my-first-victory-vs-computer-on-expert-2000-mode

As a concluding remark in that blog, I said that the last chess.com computer that I had to conquer was Computer4-IMPOSSIBLE. Although I have yet to do so, I made a small major step in achieving that goal.

You see, up until today, I had a 0-45 record vs. this computer, and had very few chances to win. 

For example, here is a game from a year and a half ago where the computer tortured me like a boa constrictor:




Today, my fortunes have turned. Somewhat. Game 46 of our storied but lopsided rivalry.

Unfortunately, I rematched him and got by the English. Oh well! 0-46-1 is good enough for me :)

Comments appreciated :)


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